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Pinkalicious Party Invitations for Girls

Pinkalicious parties are all the rage for little girls because they love Pink - pink princesses, pink castles, pink cupcakes, pink dresses, and pink ponies. These square Invitations are 2 sided and can be customized if you prefer. Email or Call Design Studio 650.401.3887. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery for custom invitations.

According to the story of Pinkalicious by authors Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, she was a little girl who loved the color pink, especially pink cupcakes! Her parents warned her to not eat so many, but she did anyway and she turned PINK!

Click on Images below to view a large size of the Invitation and reverse side, Coordinating Envelope and pricing.

  • invpink-01
  • invpink-02
  • invpink-03
  • invpink-04
  • invpink-05
  • invpink-06

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