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1950s Nostalgia
Chevys, hotrods and the Saturday night drag races. Soda fountains serving cherry cokes and banana splits where you could dance to the music from a Juke Box. Sock Hops in the school gym and dancing the Bop. Black & white TV, 45 rpm records sold for a buck and the birth of Rock N Roll. Elvis Presley's first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the cameras would not show him from the waist below. Poodle skirts with saddle oxford shoes. Penny loafers and button down shirts and cotton pants with a buckle on the rear (hinny binders) and Pat Boone singing "On a Day like Today" in his white buck shoes. Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" with all the new Rock N Roll stars to be.

Drive-in Restaurants offering burgers, fries and shakes served by waitresses gliding on skates, and Drive-in theaters showing Sandra Dee in "A Summer Place". Let's not forget Beatniks reciting poetry in a coffee shop late at night and Fats Domino singing "I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill". The success of the Thunderbird and the failure of the Edsel. It was a golden decade. Let these cards take you down memory lane.

Fifties Retro Art Series Blank Note Cards - 2 Designs (6 of each design) and 12 Envelopes. If prefer to have 12 cards of one design contact us.
Cards are 4 3/4 X 4 3/4

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    Card abl-02
  • Envelope
    5 X 5 Punch Envelopes

    $15.00 per Box includes
    12 cards / 12 envelopes
    6 of each design

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    Fifties Retro Art Series
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