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Classic Sailboat Series Blank Note Cards - 6 Designs (2 of each design) and 12 Envelopes
Cards are 4 3/4 X 4 3/4
An ideal Sailor's gift. Classic sailboats have glided gracefully and silently across the water for centuries.
Classic sailboat notecards are a remembrance of those days of yore.

  • Card blcsb-01 Card blcsb-02
    Cardblcsb-04 Card blcsb-03
    Card blcsb-05 Card blcsb-06
  • Envelope
    5 X 5 Kraft Envelopes

    $15.00 per Box includes
    12 cards / 12 envelopes
    2 of each design

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    Classic Sailboat Series
    Blank Note Cards

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